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the run continued

Sunday’s drive back to Connecticut started in chilly, damp conditions with some dense fog patches on the hilly road from Whitney Point over to Bainbridge. It reminded me somewhat of the area where I grew up, though in truth it was nowhere near as thick as a good Derbyshire hill mist. As we made our way through Walton and Delhi towards Stamford to pick up NY route 23 the weather began to clear and by the time we had crossed the Hudson it was sunny and warm. We followed an interesting descent from the Catskill escarpment, going down the Kaatersville Clove on route 23A which drops about 2,000’ in just over three miles. While I had stressed the need to keep a good watch for pedestrian traffic we did not in fact encounter any road users on foot, perhaps they had been warned of our approach. Once across the Catskill Bridge we had a fairly swift run down NY 82 towards Millerton and the final approach to Lime Rock Park, which the second group reached just after 2:30pm in time for a cook out before dispersal. The end of the Reliability Run always comes with mixed emotions. On the one hand, it is a relief when the event has been concluded with no major events, though it was disappointing that for the third year in a row we had a Did Not Finish. I don’t think this disproves the theory that British cars are reliable, and in this case the problem could affect any car with a clutch, but it shows that the drive is a good test of the roadworthiness of cars and drivers. The other emotion is a feeling of regret that it’s over for another year. The fun of undertaking a three day drive with a good group of companions is something to treasure, and no doubt all involved will have stored memories to recall when the cars are all put away for the winter. What does stand out about the end of the Run is the handing over of a “cheque” to the Hole In The Wall Gang Camp. When a few corporate matches have been processed the Run will have raised about $11,300 for the Camp. To all who donated I offer my heartfelt thanks, for this is why I chose to try to organise this event.

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