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Connecticut British Reliability Run – 2023 Fundraising
There are two goals for the Reliability Run: have some driving fun and raise funds in support of The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp (THITWGC) for seriously ill children. For the fundraising part, we encourage you to reach out to prospective donors and appeal to their generosity for this very worthwhile cause. To make the asking and the receiving a little easier, the staff at THITWGC offers an on-line fundraising tool to help you. A donation page has been set up specifically for fundraising for the CT British Reliability Run. 
Previous reliability runs had used the "Team" concept for fun raising. This year we will all be on the same team, all donations will be made through one link to the camp's fundraising site. Simply click on the button below and then scroll down the right side of the page to "Make a Gift". You can make a donation in in any amount, in your name, or in someone else's name or anonymous. All donations will go towards the fundraising goal. This will simplify the donation process, and hopefully make donating easier.  Thanks in advance for your generosity!



(Then click on the Red "DONATE" button to make your contribution)
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