The 2021 Run
September 17th - 19th


For those who may not recall the premise behind the CT British Reliability Run, here is a brief recap of the event.

The Reliability Run has two goals: first, to demonstrate that old British cars are reliable and capable of being driven over much longer distances than most of their owners would normally attempt; second and more important, to raise money for a worthy cause involving children.

We have met those goals on the three runs that we have held so far. In 2018 we toured the Adirondacks and 2019 went further afield to the Finger Lakes region of New York. For 2020, the formula for the run had to be modified to accomodate the unusual conditions cause by the pandemic. For 2020 the run was held over 3 individual days with no overnight stays or indoor dining activities. Once again,  all cars that set off on the run returned safely. We have raised well over $30,000 for our chosen charity, the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp established by the late Paul Newman. 

This year’s run returns to Glens Falls, NY at the request of a number of past participants. We stayed in Glens Falls in 2018 and really enjoyed the vibrant downtown restaurant district as well as the beautifully restored Queensbury Hotel, so it was an obvious decision to return. The outbound run on Friday follows a meandering route through Duchess and Columbia Counties in New York state before pausing for a lunch break. Lunch stop is expected to be at the Chatham Brewing Company in Chatham, NY

One day participants will follow the tour after lunch through Stephenstown, NY  and then into MA up route 7 and over the Taconics on Rte 2 to Petersburg which is where the two groups will part company. Three day participants proceed to Glens Falls. The journey north resumes with an expected arrival in Glens Falls in time for check in and a relaxing drink before hitting the town in search of supper.L

While there are still some details to be filled in, such as the feasibility of having a cookout on Sunday after the run returns to CT, the broad outlines of the tour are complete. Saturday sees us heading north along the 2018 route for around 60 miles before heading east to cross Lake Champlain and enter Vermont. Once over the lake we head through farming country before threading our way through the Green Mountains to a lunch stop in Brandon. After lunch we continue north on VT 100, a scenic north-south highway before turning back west and heading over the mountains via the Appalachian Gap pass and a 2,300’ summit. The road is steep and winding, requiring a strong clutch and well-maintained brakes. Once down from the mountains it’s an easy 70 or so miles through farmland back to Glens Falls. Total mileage for the day should be around 240. Sunday sees us head back to Connecticut via a different route than our outbound journey on Friday. Whether we will be able to hold a cookout at Lime Rock Park is still to be determined. The registration for the event will be $75 for the event itself, with the cookout being an add-on if it is possible to hold it. All participants whether one day or 3 days, will receive the event placards, full road book, goodie bag and Friday breakfast pastries and coffee.

For people who cannot devote all three days to the event a Friday itinerary will be offered that will follow the main group to lunch time and then break off after lunch with directions to return to Connecticut. If you have the time, feel you and your car are equal to a challenge that should not be underestimated, and want to participate in a worthwhile fund-raiser for the Hole In The Wall Gang Camp, let me know as soon as possible via email to